Over the past several years, essential oils have gathered a lot of attention due to their efficiency and the fact that it is made of natural materials. And because of that, more and more companies that are selling essential oils have popped up in the market.  However, if you want to buy essential oils with the best quality, then you need to purchase it from some of the most trusted brands such as Young Living and doTerra. Speaking of trusted brand names, it is best to consider knowing more about the type of Essential Oils that you might want to buy. This review will help to enlighten you on what to expect on Young Living Essential Oils.

An Introduction To Young Living

This company has been around for 23 years. Founded in 1994 by D. Gary Young and his wife Mary, this American brand started small before slowly making its way to the very top of the market. Shortly after the inception, the couple decided to expand their territories. And with the steadily-rising demand for efficient essential oils, Young Living managed to become the most technologically advanced oil brand in North America. Since then, it has been providing the public with quality essential oils and outstanding customer service. This instance allowed it to be the world’s leading essential oil brand and remain at the top compared to other advertised brands.
To this day, the company’s strong work ethics and great standards for their products remained the same. It has become so successful that it was able to open farms, offices, and headquarters in different parts of the world such as in Australia, Japan, and Europe.

Young Living Farms

What’s really great about this company is that it has farms in various continents of the world. It takes pride in the quality of its essential oils and the process it takes to create their products. That’s why the locations and conditions of its farms have all been meticulously chosen because it can greatly affect the integrity of the brand’s essential oils.

Written below is a short list of where their farms are located:

North America

  • Whispering Spring Farms (Utah)
  • Skyrider Wilderness Ranch (Utah
  • St. Maries Lavender Farm (Idaho)
  • Highland Flats Tree Farm (Idaho)
  • Northern lights Farm (Canada)
  • Kona Sandalwood Restoration Project (Hawaii)

South America

  • Finca Botanica Farm (Ecuador)


  • Arabian Frankincense Distillery (Oman)
  • Maydi frankincense Distillery (Dubai)
  • Taiwan Cooperative Farm (Taiwan)


  • Simiane-La-Rotonde Lavender Farm (France)
  • Dalmatia Aromatic Farm (Croatia)
  • Balkan Botanic Farm (Balkan)


  • Outback Botanical Reserve (Darwin)
  • Quintis Sandalwood Farm (Perth)

What You Need To Know About Seed To Seal

One of the things that made Young Living even more popular is the Seed to Seal program. This a series of steps comprised of three different stages. Each phase aims to help its members make sure that they are getting all the benefits they need from the products that they have purchased. The three pillars of their seed and seal program are the following:


Young living wants to assure you that their products are of top quality. And in part of that mission there are three key components of their sourcing aspect.

  • Partnership principles
  • Formulation and Production
  • Third Party Substantiation


All ingredients used in its essential oils undergo a series of tests specifically designed to make sure they meet the company’s high standards. Young Living subjects their materials on different production stages that can separate the good ones from the bad. Written below are the three main parts of the Science aspect.

  • Industry-Leading Research
  • Innovative Product Development
  • Third-Party Testing


The third and final aspect of its Seed to Seal program proves that Young Living really means business. Because aside from providing the public with high-quality essential oils, it is also all in for helping the environment. It garners its materials from high-end sources to make sure that it has been acquired ethically and legally. The brand always keeps in touch with its legal experts when dealing with environmental-law related matters. The company also conducts reforestation and recycling drives as pay back for the natural materials it has used to maintain the business. The three primary components of this aspect are:

  • Top-Tier Standards
  • Sustainable Compliance Program
  • Industry green leader


Young Living has been in the business for more than a decade, so it can be easily assumed that its quality is much higher than of its competitors. What you will find amazing about it is its monitoring process and progress. It grow its own plants, acquire materials from trusted sources, it has their own distillery labs and it implements strict quality control policies. This company makes sure that it has its eyes on the entire process. From the cultivation of plants, extracting of oils up to the bottling phase, everything must meet their high valued standards.
The same thing can’t be said for other brands like doTerra. This close competitor doesn’t have its own farm, meaning they do not grow their own plants. It is also not involved in distilling the oils that it uses. It just contacts suppliers, growers, and third party labs to finish its essential oil products which are somehow a decreasing point compared to Young Living Oil product.


Essential oils made by Young Living are unfortunately on the more expensive side. But this aspect does not really bother consumers at all. With the kind of care and process it implements, you are basically paying for the possible best quality. Good news though is that they are at the same price range as other popular brands like NOW and doTerra. A 15 ml. bottle of Young Living essential oil can cost between $20 to $45 dollars, around the same price as a doTerra’s 15 ml. bottle. If you want excellent and effective essential oils, this is definitely the brand you need to buy.

Final Verdict

All in all, Young Living is definitely something that we recommend. Aside from the excellent set of essential oil products, the customer service you are going to get is definitely better than anyone else’s. Young Living has been around for such a long time, and there’s a perfectly good reason for it. They can adjust to the ever changing market and not compromise the integrity of their essential oils. They will give you the kind of essential oil quality you want and need. Thus, you definitely won’t be wasting your money with its product.