The popularity of the aromatherapy across the globe increasing every year. The numerous essential oil brands have been providing the essential oils to the consumers for their well-being and prosperity. Counting among the essential oil brands, Wyndmere Naturals is a name that needs no introduction. Read all information that we found in this detailed Wyndmere essential oils review.

An Introduction

The company was founded in the year of 1995. Since then, it provides high quality, therapeutic essential oils that are actually not available under any brand. The motto of Wyndmere is high quality, purity, and affordability.

The company is headquartered in Minnetonka MN and is owned by Cyndi Trachy. She was a former CPA practitioner and wanted to work for the families under critical care. Although the company is not of the large scale. But as per our research, the company is found to be committed to its job – providing the best quality therapeutic essential oils and gentle care to its customers.

Not only this, the company products are fully quality assured under the supervision of their highly qualified and trained staff members. With the hospitals, hospices, and aroma -therapists as their target market, the company always offer the all-natural products that are free from any harmful and synthetic compounds like Paraben, soaps etc.


Being an effective name in the essential oil industry, the Wyndmere Naturals offers a variety of products. Ranging from Anointing oils to air mists, from aroma lamps to lotions, from creams to diffusers and from synergistic blends to massage oils. Not only this, Inhalation patches, inhalers, roll-ons, and scented soaps are also the top notch products being sold by the company.

The company has been dedicated to improving the physical and emotion well-being of the person by providing the bath and body products, gifts and aromatic candles as well that makes this brand a single stop destination for all the health and body care products.


Well, there are a variety of reasons that makes it obvious to choose the essential oils from the Wyndmere Naturals. Not that they offer the quality assured products, but also, they offer the great worth of your money as they are wholly effective. Moreover, the other reasons to choose the Wyndmere Naturals as your essential oil brand include:

  1. Their oils not just smell good, but also, they are really effective and are meant to do something.
  2. The Wyndmere Naturals is the direct sales company and have the same distributors since they are open. So they can be trusted with the quality and the first-hand products.
  3. The Wyndmere Naturals is the humble green company and offers a positive impact on the environment along with its users.
  4. They have the line of certified organics and practitioners that ensure the highest quality essential oils of their essential oils.
  5. They offer complete authentic information on the packaging of the bottle to let the consumer know what they are using.

Another plus for the Wyndmere Naturals is that they offer all the products after being testified and approved. Products are tested the third party quality assurance company that has expensive equipment to perform its quality testing. Another quality measure for the Wyndmere essential oils is that they all are USDA approved. That means all the products by Wyndmere Naturals coming to the market are fully quality assured and safe for use.


In order to provide the customers with the best quality essential oils, Wyndmere Naturals have outsourced the pure quality oils from all across the world. These oils are either extracted from the plants that are indigenous or grown organically and pesticide free. Or, these oils are traded in from the hospitals, hospices and from the aroma-therapists. The company ensures the quality of the oils by purchasing them from the consistent growers since its inception.

Moreover, the oils are purchased frequently in order to supply their customers with the fresh essential oils that they need in exchange of their hard earned money.

Quality Assurance

The quality of the Wyndmere essential oils is ensured by its quality extraction, distillation, and production method that, although is influenced by many factors, but is maintained for the sake of customers.

Here’s how the quality of the oils is assured:

Step #1: Plant Quality

The quality of the Wyndmere essential oils begins with the quality of the plants itself. The company’s qualified and trained experts make sure that the plants from which the oils are to be extracted are thriving in their native habitat under optimal conditions for their suitable growth. Next, the experts make sure that these plants are harvested with the right equipment and techniques to ensure the high quality and purest oils reach the consumer.

Step #2: Quality Distillation

After quality growth and quality harvesting of the plants, it is ensured that the capable and talented experts from the Wyndmere Naturals, Inc. extract them under the optimal supervision and great care. The company, Wyndmere Naturals has the determined staff that checks for the minor details of the extraction process, in order to ensure the quality with minimal impurities.

Step #3: Quality Testing

The oils extracted from the plants have to pass several folds testing from the independent third party organizations that make use of the new equipment and techniques to test the purity and the quality of the oils to meet the standard requirements of the consumers. Moreover, the USDA seal over these essential oils also highlights that all the essential oils from the Wyndmere Naturals are certified and are completely safe for use.

Step #4: Quality Packaging

After being tested by the independent companies, the Wyndmere Essential oils are bottled and packaged in the small batches so that they do not have to sit in the warehouse for the long period before shipping. This might compromise the quality of the oils, so the bottled batches are sealed and labeled and are then shipped to their direct sellers.

Final Verdict

Regarding each and every aspect of the Wyndmere Naturals, Inc. I must say that it is the decent brand to buy essential oils. It has the decent repute among the retail brands and also offers the variety of products within the affordable range. Moreover, the production process of the essential oils and other products by the Wyndmere Naturals is found to be the highest quality. Above all, the company goes green and that is the reason the company got a thumbs up from our side.