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Best Essential Oil Brands

By On July 30, 2017

As a consumer, you deserve the best brand of Essential Oils, so these are the companies that were able to establish excellent reputations and garner its own legion of followers. We will tell you everything you need to know about them and why they are some of the absolute bests in the business. Table of ContentsYoung Living Essential OilsDoterra Essential…

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7 Effective Essential Oils for Focus

By On July 26, 2017

Inability to focus is a problem that can affect various aspects of an individual’s life. Whether it’s at work, school or even at home, people who are suffering from attention-related conditions such as ADHD may find it hard to live normally. Thankfully, there are effective and easy ways that can help the mind acquire some clarity and at the same…

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doTERRA Essential Oils Review

By On July 19, 2017

dōTERRA Essential oils is one of the most well-known companies available in essential oil market today. The company was founded in 2008. Since then, it has been offering a wide range of therapeutic –grade essential oils, all across the globe. The name “dōTERRA®” has been derived from the Latin language that means “Gift of the Earth”. Agreed to the meaning,…

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Best Carrier Oils and How To Use Them

By On July 18, 2017

Carrier oils are vegetable oils from the fatty part of a plant such as in the seeds, nuts or kernel. The main purpose of using carrier oils is to dilute the essential oils. Spreading the essential oils on your skin without combining it with carrier oils can be harmful. It can cause redness, burning or other reactions. It is named carrier…


How to Diffuse Essential Oils: 7 Effective Ways

By On July 16, 2017

Diffusion of essential oils is basically spreading oil molecules through air so that they can be easily inhaled. They also get into your blood and your lungs in high concentrations. Diffusing essential oils is proven to be the most effective way to get the most out of these oils. There are countless methods of diffusing these oils to maximize their…

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Best Essential Oils for Allergies

By On July 12, 2017

There is an increase in the number of people with allergies. Finding the cure for such condition is not easy. Sneezing, headaches, having watery or itchy eyes, bleeding or a runny nose are some of the common symptoms. Others may have hives, feel nauseous and vomit. There are some who are struggling with more serious allergies. This type of allergy resulted…

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Edens Garden Essential Oils Review

By On July 6, 2017

Edens Garden is one of the popular brands for high-quality essential oils. Their seal of approval is a proof they provide only the best quality products. They provide excellent customer service and it is not surprising why they are popular for the last few years. Table of ContentsThe Humble Beginnings of the CompanyEdens Garden Foundation of Trust and SafetyThe Process of…