The newfound popularity of essential oils allowed them to become more and more relevant over the past couple of years. However, the industry of essential oils itself has been present for much longer than that. A lot of companies have already started developing their own scents of essential oils to sell on the market over the past several decades. And one of these earliest players is NOW Foods. This American nutrition company is one of the oldest dogs in the business. They survived the test of time and still remained as one of the top competitors in the market. If you are wondering how they did that then keep on reading because this NOW essential oils review is packed with the most important things about its essentials.

NOW Foods – How It Began

The company’s history can be traced all the way back to 1948 when a physical chemist named Elwood Richard bought a series of health food stores in Chicago and it was originally called the Health House. Richard spent the first several years developing natural food supplements to improve one’s physical function. Though his products were a hit at first, it faced a tough competition from a local supermarket selling similar supplements for lower prices.

After realizing that the business won’t last long; Richard decided to manufacture natural supplements at a much lower cost and he debuted the NOW Foods company in 1968. A manufacturing endeavor which aims is to provide natural, affordable and efficient products to everyone.

And since then, NOW has ventured into developing their set of high quality yet affordable essential oils. This marked their steady rise to success. Up to this day, NOW Foods is still owned by the Richard family. With over 60 years of experience in the business, this is the company that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Production Process

NOW Foods take pride in the quality of their essential oils and other natural products. They claim to achieve that by making sure every single process that they implement is top notch. NOW follows a set of critical steps to ensure their essential oils will be nothing short of high quality. Some of these steps are:

Purchasing & Receiving

The Company’s team of agents are constantly looking for the best sources where they can get materials since the supply chain is always changing.
Once the outsourced materials reach their warehouse, another team of receivers will check the packages. It is their job to make sure that all materials are pure, uncontaminated, high quality and properly documented.

Manufacturing Location and Tracing Of Origin

NOW values the ability to trace their material origins and the location where they are going to manufacture their products. They provide more security and product information to make sure everything is properly documented.

Analysis and Testing

NOW really means business. This is where they are going to check the quality of their ingredients in their state of the art laboratories and a team of experts will scan the quality of the materials they received to make sure that they will be able to extract the best quality oil out of it.

Manufacturing Practices

NOWS follows a set of different manufacturing methods in order to provide their customers with the best kind of essential oils. These manufacturing regulations are implemented to make sure that the products are safe, properly made, and handled inside their designated laboratories.

Finished Goods

The final products are sent to the stocking bay where they will be added to the inventory. The manufactured products will be ready for distribution and purchase.

Final Step

One of the things you will love about them is that they clean up their place thoroughly after production. Proper sanitization is one of the company’s top priorities and this is to avoid any chances of cross-contamination between the chemicals that they are using.


The company has acquired many certifications in their over six decades of operation. But one of their most significant certificates came from the National Organic Program. This program certifies that the company’s products are purely organic. NOW Foods received their organic certification last 2000 through the Quality Assurance International (QAI), a quality check conducted by NOP. There are different levels of organic certification. And they are as follows:

  • 100% organic – All ingredients and materials used must be 100% natural.
  • Organic – Ingredients must be 95% naturally made. The remaining 5% must come from QAI’s list of approved artificial materials.
  • Made with Organic – Materials from this category must be at least 70% organically produced.

Price and Quality

Aside from their outstanding services, another factor that made NOW successful is the quality of their essential oils. The company monitors the entire manufacturing process from beginning till the end, making sure that every single product meets their high-quality standards. NOW is also known for keeping a great relationship with their growers to maintain the integrity of their ingredients. NOW’s one of the best brands you’ll see in the market. They are products of an outstanding manufacturing process and a critical quality check phase both designed to ensure their efficiency.

When it comes to the price, their essential oils are a bit more expensive than other brands such as Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden. But it is not completely bad news because they still have scents for $10 dollars and below. Every additional penny will be worth it with the kind of quality you are going to get from its premium product.

The Verdict

NOW essential oils are considered one of the best products in the market. If you are looking for a company that can deliver top notch essential oils for reasonable prices then this is the right choice because their experience, partnered with their high-quality yet affordable products and outstanding services allowed them to remain a formidable force in the business.