dōTERRA Essential oils is one of the most well-known companies available in essential oil market today. The company was founded in 2008. Since then, it has been offering a wide range of therapeutic –grade essential oils, all across the globe.
The name “dōTERRA®” has been derived from the Latin language that means “Gift of the Earth”. Agreed to the meaning, the company offers a range of all natural products in health and wellness categories, being extracted from the Mother Nature. Being headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the company has been offering a best quality of single essential oils and blends as well, to allow the consumers to lead a hale and hearty life.
The dōTERRA have a great team of dedicated people with passion and vision. That provide the people with quality and natural essential oils that can be used safely.


Being the leading manufacturer of the essential oils, dōTERRA offers a range of essential oils from single ones to proprietary blends. The single oil product line of this company offers almost all the useful essential oils. Ranging from Bergamot to Lavender oil, from Rosemary oil to dōTERRA Peppermint Touch.
Also the company sells the proprietary blends of the essential oils including:

  1. Citrus Bliss – helps reduce stress and uplifts mood
  2. Deep Blue Touch – soothing and cooling oil blend for massage
  3. Console – counteracts negative emotions of grief, sadness, and hopelessness
  4. Motivate – promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief
  5. Cheer – counteracts negative emotions and provide a boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down.

And many others are chosen for their combined effect, fragrance and therapeutic activity as well. Several beneficial essential oils are blended together by the company to achieve specific physical and psychological effects.
Besides these, the company also offers personal care products, supplements, weight management and personal kits and collections for the customers.

Why Choose dōTERRA Essential Oils?

Well, choosing a brand of essential oil would be overwhelming especially when there are tons of them available on the market. However, choosing dōTERRA Essential Oils can be the great worth of your hard earned money as they bottle only the safe and effective essential oils that have been carefully extracted from the plants and gently distilled using advanced techniques and equipment.
The company houses tons of professional and qualified personnel from around the world, who have knowledge for ideal extraction of the essential oils and for their processing. Moreover, the essential oils being processed by the company are thoroughly tested by the strict CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) quality protocol which only qualifies the superior quality oils that are not only naturally safe but are also purely effective.

Where are Doterra’s oils sourced?

Being a multi-national company, the dōTERRA get their oils from all over the world. Each and every location has its own soil, growing conditions, and climate to produce the highest potency and powerful plants. dōTERRA collects the best growing plants from all across the globe and that is the reason why it has been considered the company with the most intelligent and respectful sourcing methods.

Production Process

To meet the quality standards at hand, dōTERRA essential oil production is a very regulated and systemic process that leads to the effective essential oils to its customers. From plant cultivation to packaging, each process has been measured by the skilled and vigilant team that ensures quality and effectiveness at the same time.
Here is dōTERRA steps of oil production:

1. Harvesting

The production of essential oils begins with the plants themselves. As it requires a botanical knowledge of which plant and which parts of the plant can produce essential oils, so the plants are looked after and harvested in the supervision of skilled persons. A number of factors affecting the plants and their quality of oil produced are taken into consideration and ensured that none of these factors influence the chemical profile of the essential oil being produced.

2. Distillation

After the best plants are being harvested, these are distilled to collect the essential oils ensuring quality and quantity. There are different distillation methods used for the distillation of essential oils and among them, the most commonly used are:

  1. Steam Distillation
  2. Expression Distillation
  3. Solvent Extractions

This process is time intensive and requires a careful attention to detail. dōTERRA Cooperate has advanced techniques and qualified staff that check the process for minor details and optimal system conditions.

3. Quality Testing

After the distillation process, the essential oils are tested under the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) quality protocol that ensures only the safest and effective oils reach the customers all across the world.
Shelf life testing of the oils is performed and then they are qualified for packaging and storing.

4. Packaging and Storing

After being tested for purity and potency, the dōTERRA essential oils are securely bottled and packaged under experts’ supervision. The packed bottles are stored away from the direct sunlight and temperature extremes, to maintain their efficacy and beneficial properties.


You can find dōTERRA essential oils to be expensive as compared to other brands. The reason behind the fact is that these essential oils are subjected to strict quality control standards and scientific testing.
Since “health is wealth”, the price might at times, be worth it. So, getting a good starter that will help you with a variety of ailments can be your saver.

Final Verdict

Overall, the dōTERRA essential oils can be the best essential oils source that you can have. They offer neat production process with potency and efficacy on the hand. However, the important point to note is that the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) is not an actual certification process, but it is actually owned by dōTERRA, which leaves the quality of its essential oils questionable. Although this process is found to be good, still it holds less weight as any other certification from the third party would hold.
But as it offers decent manufacturing process, 100 percent pure, free of additives essential oils, dōTERRA is surely worth a shot.