As a consumer, you deserve the best brand of Essential Oils, so these are the companies that were able to establish excellent reputations and garner its own legion of followers. We will tell you everything you need to know about them and why they are some of the absolute bests in the business.

Young Living Essential Oils

Since its foundation in 1994, Young Living has been working hard to remain at the very top of the always-brutal herbal medicine competition. With great work standards and high-quality essential oils, it became one of the most established names in the essential oil industry. In fact, this company is so successful that it managed to have offices in various parts of the world such as in United States, Asia and even in Europe.

Do not worry about the quality of their products because it is superb. Young Living has always stuck to its high standards. It is infamous for their strict quality control policies starting from the cultivating of the seeds up to the extraction of the natural oils. This trait allowed it to become one of the biggest and toughest brands in the market.

Young Living’s products start at a price of $7.31 dollars. But it has a complete starter kit with a price tag of $299.99 dollars. Quite pricey? Well, that’s because it is already packed with everything you will need to jumpstart your essential oil experience. And besides, you will definitely get the quality you are going to pay for.

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Doterra Essential Oils

This company was established in 2008 with one sole reason, and that is to spread the wonders of essential oils all over the world. Though fairly new, doTerra has already managed to make a mark in the world of essential oils. If you are a newbie and you are basically clueless on how the whole thing works, then this is definitely one of the first brands you need to visit. Because aside from the fact that its site is packed with essential oil-related knowledge, its products are also some of the bests you will ever find in the marketplace.

doTerra boasts an impressive inventory of 25 different single oils and 10 blends. All of its products underwent the strict CPTG quality test to ensure key attributes such as purity and potency. This protocol also allowed consistency in all batches of its essential oils, ensuring customers that they are going to get nothing but the best.

Price-wise, doTerra’s products are a bit higher than their competitors. However, it also has great deals. One of them is that you can get a starter-3 essential oil bottle for $20 dollars. And don’t even worry about their refunding schemes because they have 100% money back or store credit guarantee if you felt unsatisfied or disappointed. Neat, right?

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Plant Therapy Essential Oils

The third one on this list is another newbie. Plant Therapy was only formed in 2011, but it already snagged a loyal group of followers in a short amount of time. Unlike most of their competitors, it is known for providing 100% high-quality natural essential oils for a reasonable price. It also has its own arsenal of essential oils. Plant Therapy’s set of products contains 125 single scents, 47 blends, and 43 different collections. Sounds amazing, right?

All of their essential oils undergo a series of inspections by its in-house experts. Aside from that, it also let a third party group test its product’s quality for further assurance. What you are going to really love about it is that it aims for transparency. It always posts the results of its quality checks on its website, allowing you to see just how good the products are.

As previously mentioned, the company’s essential oils are much more affordable than of other brands. To make things even better, it offers free international shipping to select countries if the order surpasses the $50 dollar amount. It also has a 90-day refund guarantee which will allow you to get your money back if you feel unsatisfied with their products.

Edens Garden Essential Oils

Though this product was just established last 2009, this California-based brand already became one of the most popular names in the essential oil industry. Edens Garden pride themselves as a business that puts customer’s satisfaction first before its own profit. And that can be proven by the fact that it sells the high-quality products for reasonable prices.

The brand is known for simultaneously rotating its stocks every two weeks, allowing it to monitor the quality and freshness of its products. It stores its oils at spaces with controlled temperature to make sure that its important properties will be maintained. Their essential oils are 100% made of natural ingredients. So no need for you to worry whether it added artificial components or not. You will also love their 150 pc. Collection packed with different scents to choose from.

As previously said, the prices are reasonable. Though it is not the cheapest in the market, the quality you are going to get will be worth every penny. And since it has a lot of essential oils, you can expect tons of promos and deals every now and then. For starters, it has a ‘Best of the best’ set that can be bought on Amazon and other online stores for $50 dollars.

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Wyndmere Essential Oils

This company is one of the oldest in the business. Since it started in 1995, Wyndmere has provided the world with high-quality therapeutic essential oils perfect for anyone in need. The reasonable prices also allowed it to remain strong and dominant in the essential oil market.

What you are really going to love about it is that the oil products are USDA certified and that means it is 100% organic. Wyndemere is very proud of its strict quality control protocols. The quality checks are always aiming to maintain the integrity and freshness of its essential oils. It bottles its products in small batches so it doesn’t get stored in warehouses for a long time before being delivered.

It is price wise. The products are cheaper than those of the other competitors. You will be able to buy a bottle for less than $5 dollars and a diffuser for less than $80. It also has lots of deals and promos you can watch out for. Aside from that, it also offers free shipping on orders over $50 dollars.

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Now Essential Oils

Last but definitely not the least, this company is the oldest in the group. Since 1948, this Illinois-based brand has been producing natural medicines and food supplements for anyone in need. And that includes its line of citrus-based essential oils. For the past several years, its in-house experts have been developing various scents. It allowed the company to form the diverse collection of oils it has today.

With over 69 years of experience, Now’s genius ways of maintaining the quality of its products have been lauded by many enthusiasts. All of its oils are 100% cold pressed and distilled. It is known for keeping a great working relationship with its growers to preserve the quality of the soil. Aside from that, the products also undergo a series of advanced and strict tests to ensure top of the line quality.

It is on the more expensive side. However, with its product’s excellent quality and great reputation, you can be assured that you will get the best results.

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These six companies are some of the best essential oil brands u find in the market. The great quality products and equally great customer service allowed them to be the top dogs in the competition. You have a choice if you’re on a budget. And you definitely have a choice if you’re willing to spend to get nothing but the best. You really can’t go wrong with any of these brands. So start choosing the best brand and experience the wonder of essential oils.