Benefits of turmeric essential oil were known since very ancient times. The use of turmeric back to the history since when it has been used as a medicinal ingredient for the treatment of various allergic and bacterial conditions. Indian women usually use the turmeric oil as a skin care product. It not only fights from acne and pimples but also protect their skin from unwanted hair growth.

Turmeric is a perennial herbaceous plant from which the essential oil is extracted. Extraction pulls out a number of beneficial compounds and nutraceuticals that may be used as a topical agent or in a variety of methods to get benefited.

The Health Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil


Turmeric oil is known as a stimulant substance, as it not only boosts the metabolism, but also promotes heart health by reducing platelet aggregation in the arteries and blood vessels. This can allow for better circulation of blood in the body, and thus more oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the areas of the body that need it most.

Restores Liver Health

Liver is the most important organ detoxifies the blood and its health affects the entire body. Turmeric can improve the health of the liver and its activity. The polyphenols present in the turmeric and its essential oil impact the health of the liver positively. According to the research published in BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine, turmeric helps to clean the liver and detoxifies it.

Anti-inflammatory Effects

The turmeric essential oil contains almost 60- 65 percent alpha-curcumin that functions as an anti-inflammatory agent. Thus, this oil can be used for the treatment of inflammation and pain as well.

Acts as Anti-Arthritis and Reduces Joint Pain

Turmeric has been used for long to treat arthritis and joints conditions in Chinese and Indian culture. The active ingredient in the turmeric essential oil is effective in blocking the action of cytokines and enzymes that cause arthritis and inflammation around the joints, thus causing relief to the joint pain.
Apart from this, a number of studies have shown that turmeric essential oil has the ability to treat the stiffness and to reduce the pain and inflammation, thus are considered to be effective in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil for Skin

Not only the turmeric essential oil is beneficial for health, but also it helps in beauty tasking as well. From fading blemishes to treating acne, the turmeric essential oil is must beauty ingredient in your skin care routine.

Skin Rejuvenator

The turmeric essential oil consists of the ingredients that help to restore the glow of the skin thereby providing it the moisture and bloom. All you need is to mix the turmeric essential oil with the olive oil and apply it to the face every night.

Anti Age Agent

Aging is an inevitable process but it can be delayed using the turmeric essential oil. As turmeric essential oil is rich in anti-oxidants, it can be helpful in treating the wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes caused by oxidation and lost skin elasticity. Mix a few drops of turmeric essential oil with the almond oil and massage it on your face targeting wrinkles. Include this activity in your night beauty routine and you will see prominent results within days.

Help Against Acne

Turmeric essential oil has also a positive impact on acne. Being anti-fungal and antibacterial ingredient, it will dry out all the pimples and acne and prevent future breakouts as well.

Sun Damage Protection

It is found that the turmeric can prevent the damage caused by the Ultraviolet B radiations. The chronic ultraviolet B radiations can cause discoloration of the skin, premature aging, and loss of elasticity. That all can be prevented by the use of turmeric essential oil over the skin mixed with olive oil or rose water.

Possible Side Effects of Turmeric Essential Oil

Although turmeric is considered safe to use, however, “Excess of everything is bad”. The use of turmeric essential oil should also go with caution. If you are considering use it for any kind of serious illness it is strongly advised to consult your health care provider before use.
Also, do not apply the essential oil directly to your skin. Always mix it with carrier oil to dilute it, so that it does not cause rash or dryness.
Moreover, the turmeric essential oil is yellow in color, just like its spice, so it can stain the clothes and skin. In case you stained your clothes, wiping the area with the coconut oil or lemon juice will help to remove the stain fast.

How to Use Turmeric Essential Oil?

Turmeric essential oil can be applied to the skin with other oils for the treatment of joint pain, arthritis or skin conditions. For the liver detoxification, you can use it in tea as well. Turmeric oil supplements are also available in the pharmacies. Make sure to use it on prescription as dosage above UL can cause toxicity and can cause side effects. Like stomach pain, skin irritation, gallbladder problems and blood thinning.

So, what do you think about the benefits of turmeric essential oil? Do you prefer to use it? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.