Whenever you hear Amber Essential Oil being mentioned, the first thing that comes to your mind is its nice scent which is capable of invading an arena and having it taken by a storm. Yes! That’s how impactful the Amber Essence Oil can be, possessing such full-bodied and deep resin-like aroma with intense earthy undertones.

Amber oil has superb chemical composition. It depends on the type of tree it is formed by, as well as the tree’s age and geological factors. Amber is basically the fossilized resin, contrary to popular belief, not the sap, of very old trees. Some of these trees can be hundreds of millions of years old. However, Amber is essentially composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Top Benefits of Amber Essential Oil

Amber is not just nice scent. This blend serves the purpose of calming the mind, boost immune system and libido, improve sleep and much more. Here are the best 8 benefits you can get from amber oil.

Natural perfume

The first thing that comes to your mind when Amber Essential Oil is mentioned is its nice scent. Amber scent is sweet, warm, and woody smell, which comes from the fossil tree resin extracted. It starts lightly and then becomes stronger with body heat. That makes it a great perfume to sport every day.

The amber fragrance always comes from a blend of scents. Sometimes, oils like cedarwood and vanilla are added into the essential oil. So, it near impossible to find an amber fragrance with one specific ingredient.

Calms the mind

Another popular opinion has it that lavender tops the list when thoughts of relaxing crosses the mind. As true as that may be, we want to bring to your knowledge that there are a few other essential oils in existence that can aid super relaxation of the mind. Without mincing words, the amber oil is one of them, possessing a great scent which gives you a calming psychoactive effect that tranquilizes your brain waves.

The amber oil’s calming effect can be equated with that of sedative drugs. But the good thing about amber oil is that it is milder and has no side effects on you. You can take your relaxation by mixing amber oil with lavender into a diffuser and placing it inside your room. While resting or engaging in minor tasks like reading, studying, or meditating.

Alos you can add a few drops of this oil to your bath . First of all, the oil’s aroma seems to get rid of any negativity in the mind. So, when your want to relax just get to smell the scent of amber oil.

Promotes better heart health

Touch of amber oil can help promote better heart health. It increasing heart energy, reducing palpitations, and improving blood circulation around the heart.

In traditional Chinese practitioners  amber oil used to protect against coronary heart disease. There’s high succinic acid content in Baltic amber which is a potent antioxidant. It serves the purpose of preventing disruptions of the heart rhythm. Back in the 17th-18th century, this oil together with rose oil was recommended by most medical practitioners to strengthen the heart.

Aids sleep

By using the aroma of amber oil in a diffuser, falling asleep quickly and soundly becomes inevitable. All you need do is add about two drops of amber together with lavender into a diffuser. You can give yourself some pleasure by adding a few drops into hot water to help you relax in the steam bath.

Good for skin and hair

With amber oil you can forget about such diseases as acne and eczema. It clearing your pores and reducing the inflammation of your skin. Amber oil also offers anti-aging benefits by refreshing and regenerating the skin. Just add a few drops to your regular moisturizer. Amber oil can also be used in facial steaming.

Even your lovely hair is not left out. By massaging a few drops into the scalp, you get rid of such problems like dandruff and falling hair.

Boosts the immune system

Even your immune system can be boosted with the aid of amber oil, as it is a natural disinfectant that helps fight bacteria. Simply add amber oil to your bath always and you can form a defense mechanism against bacteria that may cause infections. Also, more relaxed mind and body has positive effects on the immune system.


Amber oil have same capabilities as an aphrodisiac which can give super excitement to a boring love life. The oil can assist in enhancing sexual response by promoting better blood circulation and revitalizing hormones in the body. You can have your senses ignited by applying amber oil liberally on your forearms. Rubbing your forearms together will further activate the scent. You can top things off by also applying on the neck and cleavage.

Eases respiratory problems

Amber oil can also handle respiratory issues, as it possesses expectorant properties that are capable of tackling any related breathing problems that spring from cold and flu. The oil brings you relief by breaking down the mucus that had solidified in your lungs. It can even be used to relieve the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

You can also use the oil for medicine in the form of massage or steam. For those of you who are so much in love with massaging your chest with the oil, always make sure you dilute the pure oil with a carrier oil. For steaming, add a few drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale while covering your head with a towel.