Sleep is becoming a major problem for many people. It may affect the productivity and quality of life. Around 50-70 million US adults have difficulties in sleeping. We’ve made an research and choose a list of best essential oils for sleep.

Bad sleep problems

Lack of sleep may cause several unfortunate situations. Some of which include motor vehicle crashes, occupational errors and industrial disasters. People who do not get enough sleep are prone to have chronic diseases. Some of the diseases are diabetes, obesity, hypertension and depression.

Some people resort to over the counter sleeping pills. But, these pills are habit-forming and have lots of side effects. Also, it can only mask the problem but not the cause why you are having sleepless nights. The first step in dealing with your sleep problem is acceptance. Then assess yourself and your sleep routine.

Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Using natural, non-toxic products may solve your sleep problems. Some of the few things that you can try are as follows:

  • Adopt a regular sleeping routine
  • Do not bring your gadget to bed
  • Listen to calming and soothing music
  • Take a warm bath
  • Yoga

To make the above sleeping habits even more effective you can use essential oils. Some may not know this but using essential oils is very effective in promoting sleep. This practice is not new. It enhances sleep for centuries.

List of Best Essential Oils for Sleep and the Best Way of Using Them

There are lots of essential oils that if used the right way, it can help boost a peaceful night sleep. The secret to essential oils is to make sure that you are using only high-quality oils. Keep in mind that what works well for you might not work with others. Each person is unique and responds to things different ways. So here the list of best ones.


Lavender is the most popular essential oils because of its sleep-inducing effect. This is not a myth. There are some scientific studies that support this fact. One study discovered that this oil can calm the nervous system. It can also lower the blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature. The scent of the lavender oil can keep the brain waves to a more relaxed condition.

The aroma that lavender oil emits stimulates the brain pathways. It arouses the limbic system in which your emotional response and memories connect. This oil is generally safe, except for those who are sensitive to lavender.

How to Use

  • By Diffusion – place a few drops of lavender oil in the diffuser. Inhale the oil 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.
  • Topical – you can also place a drop or two of lavender oil the palm of your hand and rub them together. You can apply the oil on the trigger points like the wrists, behind the ears, back of the neck and behind the knees. You can dilute the lavender oil with a good carrier oil. If you prefer this method, it is important that you talk to your doctor first. This oil has estrogenic effects on the skin.
  • Using Misting Spray – place 20 drops of lavender oil into a glass spray bottle. Add 4 ounce of water. Shake well. Spray some on your pillow before going to bed so you will have a peaceful sleep.
  • Warm bath – as a bath use no more than six to eight drops of combined oils. Add 1 drop of lavender and sweet marjoram plus 2 drops of roman chamomile. You can also combine 1 drop of jasmine and lavender plus 2 drops of frankincense.

Roman Chamomile

The roman chamomile is popular for its very light floral aroma. It is also known for its relaxation and sedative properties. This oil is ideal for treating stress, nervous tension, and insomnia. It is the best choice to help you prepare for sleep. To have a powerful effect, combine roman chamomile with lavender essential oil.

How to Use

  • By diffusion – in a diffuser place a few drops of roman chamomile in the diffuser. Disperse the oil in the area a few minutes before going to bed.
  • Topical – dilute a few drops of roman chamomile in a carrier oil. Apply at the bottom of your feet before going to bed. You can also add a few drops of the oil on your favorite skin moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Create a calming salve – combine ¼ cup organic coconut oil and beeswax. Heat until well-mixed. As the mixture cools down, add 15 drops of roman chamomile and 15 drops of lavender oil.


This oil is an effective anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and expectorant. It also has comforting, relaxing and calming effects. The woodsy and warm smell makes you feel calm and relaxed.

How to Use

  • By diffusion – in a diffuser place a few drops of cedarwood. Disperse the oil in the room 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed. This will help stimulate the pineal gland. It releases melatonin needed to regulate sleep.
  • Topical – dilute few drops of cedarwood in a carrier oil. Put some on your forehead, or on the underside of your wrist. You can place some on your head meet and neck.

Sweet Marjoram

Keep in mind choose only the right type of marjoram oil if you will use it for insomnia. Only the sweet marjoram will help you with sleep problems. It has a calming and sedating effect on the nervous system. This helps lower blood pressure, soothe loneliness, and ease nervous tension and hyperactivity. Like lavender, if you combine marjoram with other oils it becomes a synergistic blend.

How to Use

  • By Diffusion – place a few drops of sweet marjoram oil in the diffuser. Disperse 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed.
  • Topical – combine 2 drops each of marjoram, lavender, sweet orange, ylang-ylang, chamomile, and tangerine. Add one ounce of carrier oil. Massage the mixture to help you get a peaceful sleep at night.


Orange essential oil is the best solution if you cannot sleep at night due to stress. This oil can help you with depression and in reducing anxiety. Citrus oils can cause photosensitivity when exposed to light for 12 hours of use. If you will use this for your skin, it is best to apply it at night.

How to Use

  • By diffusion – place a few drops of the orange essential oil in a diffuser.
  • Topical – make a soothing skin cream. Combine 15 drops of orange essential oil with ½ cup of coconut oil. Apply it in your skin before going to bed. This will promote a restful sleep at night.


This essential oil is a popular ingredient in Italian traditional medicine. Some new studies support its ability to relieve anxiety and tension. This oil is usually used in fragrances and as a food flavoring. It also has antibacterial properties.

How to Use

  • By Diffusion – in a diffuser combine 2 drops of chamomile, 1 drop each of clary sage and bergamot. Disperse the mixture 30 minutes before going to bed. You can also add 1 drop of lavender in the diffuser. This will help you relax and sleep better. Do not add more than 1-2 drops of lavender. It may provide an opposite effect.
  • Topical – the easiest way to use bergamot oil is by simple direct palm inhalation. Place a drop in the palm of your hand, and then rub the palm together. Massage them on your face before going to bed and take a deep breath.

You can either use the oil alone or by combining one or two of these oils. Some people may be sensitive to certain smell. Before deciding which oil to buy, makes sure that you are aware of its scent.